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Auto Count Sdn. Bhd. introduces a special license for accountants to use AutoCount Accounting to do their accounting work. This license control, known as the Accountant License, is available in the version of AutoCount Accounting onwards.


To use this license control, each prospective Accountant License user will have to write in and register with Auto Count Sdn. Bhd. They will then be supplied with the password that they will use to login into AutoCount Accounting via a special login screen which will be discussed later.

Setting Up

To set-up the AutoCount Accounting to allow for Accountant License user, the administrator of the account book will have to first maintain a list of Accountant License user in the Accountant Maintenance. In this function, accessible via the Tools -> Option -> Miscellaneous -> Accountant Setting, the administrator could maintain the Accountant License user as well as set the access time for each user.

Accessing the Accountant Setting 01

Accessing the Accountant Setting Part 1

Accessing Accountant Setting Part 2

Accessing Accountant Setting Part 2

Accountant Maintenance

Accountant Maintenance

Accountant Maintenance: New Accountant user with Access Time rule added

Accountant Maintenance: New Accountant user with Access Time rule added

This access time function will limit the access of the Accountant License user to the specified day and time set by the administrator. The administrator could also set under which Accounting user, the Accountant License user could sign-in as. This will in effect, apply the Access Right of that user on the Accountant License user.

Process

To sign-in into AutoCount Accounting with the Accountant License login, the user will have to access the login function by pressing the combination Ctrl + Alt + A in the AutoCount Login screen.

Ctrl + Alt + A will change the normal login screen to the above, with User ID change to Accountant ID

Ctrl + Alt + A will change the normal login screen to the above, with User ID change to Accountant ID

This combination of buttons will change the current login screen into the Accountant Login where the user can enter their Accountant ID and password to sign-in. The Accountant License sign-in is special in that the user can stay signed-in for 7 days. However this functionality requires that during the first user sign-in, the PC used to sign-in must be connected to the Internet for authentication purposes. Subsequent sign-ins in a period of 7 days will not require the Internet connection. This also will mean that, since the user is signed-in into a PC for 7 days, that sign-in detail cannot be used with another PC until the user has sign-out from the previous PC. Be advised that after the 7th day, if the user did not sign-out of the account, he will also be unable to sign-in into the account unless he sign-out first.

Subsequent Accountant login

Subsequent Accountant login

If an Accountant signs in into an unregistered account book, the authentication process will only be done against the Auto Count Server. However if the Accountant signs in into a registered account book, the authentication process will be done against the Auto Count Server as well as against the Accountant Maintenance table. Hence if the account book is registered, the previously mentioned setup process must be done before the user can use the Accountant ID sign-in.

For unregistered account book user, there is a limitation of use in which they will only be able to access the Accounting module and no other modules available in it when signing in using the Accountant sign-in. The registered account book user will not be limited by this limitation and will be able to access the modules purchased for AutoCount Accounting as well as the access rights that have been applied to them in the Accountant Maintenance.

Accountant Login into Unregistered Account Book. Limited access to only Account modules

Accountant Login into Unregistered Account Book. Limited access to only Account modules

Final Notes

  1. In its core, there is no difference between a user doing a normal login when compared to an Accountant user logging in. Both of them are able to access the same features and functionality available to them in AutoCount Accounting. The exception to this is the ability to change the “ADMIN” user password, which is not available to the Accountant user.
  2. When an Accountant user shuts down the AutoCount Accounting software, a prompt will be given to the user, asking if the user wishes to sign-out. If the user wishes not to sign-out, please remember that the time limit of being signed-in is 7 days and they must sign-out if they wish to sign-in after the 7th day.
    Accountant Sign Out prompt

    Accountant Sign Out prompt

  3. While the Accountant Account login is in use, the Network Users Monitor will not log the user using that login as a network user. This means that the user is invisible to other normal network user in AutoCount Accounting and that the user does not take up a network user space in AutoCount Accounting. This is done to ensure that the productivity of the Company using AutoCount Accounting is not disrupted when the accountant logs in to work on their account book

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  • Would like to now more about the package and licensing for my firm and my clients. Please contact me at 0129898128

  • I had registered as member for Accountant Club but until today still have not receive any calls from Autocount Support Team to assist to upgrade our version from 1.6 to 1.8.
    Year end is approaching and we left back not much time to practise with GST processor, coding and mapping for Autocount. In view of that, we hope that Autocount can act this matter on urgent basis and don’t put us on queue anymore as we really need to practise it and assist our client to do the coding and mapping ASAP.

  • May I know whether with Accountant ID user, are we allow to issue invoices?
    If not, how do I proceed to having this function?

    • Hi Mr. Ng,

      Accountant ID is for accountant to help their client to do the account.

      If your client’s account book has a valid license, then you can use this accountant ID to login to their account book to help them doing their account, and what kind of functions you can access is given by the user. For example, if your user has given you the right to issue Invoice, then you can issue invoice.

      However, if your client’s account book does not has a valid license, then you still can login with this accountant ID, but you only can access to G/L, A/R, and A/P function. So you can’t issue Invoice.

      Hope this answer your question.

      Thank you,
      AutoCount Team

  • Hi Mohd Imran,
    Could you help on product registration, because my temp license (500 entries) going to block soon.
    I can provide you all the detail include my registration form & AutoCount S/B Invoice.
    Thank you

  • I tried to use my accountant ID to login but It said that its Log into another PC. The last time i use i think it was about 3 months ago in another PC. Now that PC also reformatted and dont have the software. Anyway to log out so I can use my ID again?

  • I have subscribe of accountant club, in client computer i have do setting as per instruction but in my pc i cant login to they system..pls advise


    • Can you please send an email to about the issue you are facing? If possible if there is any message that was prompt out when you try to login, could you capture the message and send it in to the email. Also were you in the same network as the client network or were you using a different network when trying to login?