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Often we encounter that different company may use different paper size for their printouts, especially for those that work with Barcodes, we would encounter after printing the content went out of margin or something could be missing. In order to solve this issue, the paper size should be adjusted accordingly.


Where can I find my paper size? To find what paper size setting it is pretty easy. All you need to do is go into Report Designer, click on the Report at the Report Explorer and look for a Property call Paper Kind. This field will show you the current paper size being used, such as (A4, Letter, A3… etc). One can change the paper size type over here from the selected list available. If the list does not have any paper size is suitable, there is a Custom option available in the list. This Custom selection will allow us to set the Page Height and Page Width manually.

Paper Size


If wish to change the Page Height and Page Width manually, after you change to Custom, look for an Property called Measurement Units. Change this measurement units to Tenth of Millimeter as this measurement unit would be easier to calculate.


After you had change this, now the measurement can be taken. Measure your paper height and width and input the value into the Page Height and Page Width accordingly. The calculation is pretty simple, if your Page Height is 10cm, then you just need to multiply by 100 using this measurement unit, resulting your Page Height value – 1000. Same goes to your Page Width, if your paper width if 15cm, you will need to enter 1500 into the Page Width column.


Now that you know the way how to adjust the paper size accordingly, you can measure the correct size and put in the correct value if face any issue on paper size during printouts.