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This is a further update to the official release of version 1.9.6 (Full version is

What’s fixed in this update:

  1. Sales Report – If View Sales by Item Code, system will extra deduct discount with Tax amount
  2. Stock Assembly – Deleted row information cannot be accessed through the row when trying to edit and transfer from Stock Assembly Order
  3. Unable to edit Stock Transfer with new item and change document date
  4. Account number for closing stock in Profit & Loss report do not follow sorting sequence
  5. Edit Credit Note (knocked off by AR Refund) get error – Can’t delete detail record which has knocked off amount
  6. Credit Limit – Did not consider detail level “Can Transfer” column when calculate credit limit
  7. Bonus Point Transaction Listing – Unable to drill down to Redemption source document, will prompt error “Cannot find record, the record might be deleted”.
  8. Bonus Point Redemption – Using copy function will also copy the GUID of the transaction

What’s enhanced in this update:

  1. Cash Flow Forecast – Have option to filter out any AR & AP forecast which is 0
  2. Update Real Cost – To take into consideration for line item which are using Tax Code which has the attribute “Add To Cost” enabled