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This is a further update to the official release of version 1.9.6 (Full version is

What’s fixed in this update:

  1. Stock Transfer – Prompt invalid column “DocDate” if enable option “Check Back Order Qty by Document’s Date”
  2. Debtor Maintenance’s Outstanding not tally with Debtor Listing Outstanding
  3. Express Edition – will trigger auto price
  4. Budget maintenance fiscal year structure does not match with fiscal year maintained in manage fiscal year
  5. Allow Over Transfer of Quantity From Sales Order do not function at Cancel Sales Order
  6. Audit Trail – Preview / Print OR & PV will not record document number
  7. Stock Card (Mix Location and Batch no) report show wrong Balance Qty (FIFO & LIFO)
  8. Credit Note (not transfer from Inv) Unit Cost getting smaller when edit the Credit Note and run Recalculate (Foreign Debtor)
  9. Unable to Edit Cash Sales (SV-6) with Cash/Credit card/Multi payment & Invoice with New Payment after run SST processor
  10. Ledger (Descriptive) – Showing inappropriate description for Refund transactions
  11. Find function do not work for empty detail item and zero amount document
  12. Change Account No – Unable to change account number if account used in Fixed Asset Disposal
  13. From Doc. Type and From Doc. No. do not update when use Automatic Stock UOM conversion
  14. Fix prompt taxableaccno does not allow nulls error message when generate sst processor

What’s enhanced in this update:

  1. GST Processor – Request prompt warning for POS transaction that has not POS Posting if has POS installed
  2. BOM – Assembly transaction to trigger update message if Finished Good location change
  3. Invoicing – CN DN related document to not allow change the Supply / Purchase column if Tax Currency is not MYR
  4. Add imported service function for SST
  5. Add exempted taxable service for invoice (SST)
  6. Import Debtor & Creditor – Suggest to caps (uppercase) debtor and creditor code
  7. Audit Trail – Request to add record in audit trail for Year End Closing date
  8. Request to add access right for edit stock value maintenance
  9. SST-02a report for non-service tax registered person