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This is a further update to the official release of version 3.1.2 (Full version is

Important: The version is compatible with AutoCount Accounting version and above.

What’s enhanced in this update:

  1. Modify POS Season Code Identity.
  2. Modify to show Customer Info function and it does not depend on use GST setting.
  3. To support no rounding method (For online sales).
  4. Add Debit Card ID, Description and Payment Method at Debit Card report.
  5. Upgrade to POS DB version 3.42.

What’s fixed in this update:

  1. Fix bug: Rounding Method does not belong to table when recall bill.
  2. Fix bug: Debtor Name and Address will missing after recall out from hold bill.
  3. Fix bug: Module “Basic Multi-UOM” always untick after sync.
  4. Fix bug: AR document number format will be overwrite by server during sync.
  5. Fix bug: After recall out from sales order and delivery, total discount value will be empty.
  6. Fix bug: When refund/trade in does not remove the document from hold bill.
  7. Fix bug: Unable to drill down stock card report at POS Backend.