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This is a further update to the official release of version 1.9.0 (Full version is

What’s fixed in this update:

  1. Fix TFS 1393: Account Maintenance – Up to date balance issue.
  2. Fix transfer to cancel document still deduct value (happen in sales order to purchase order, assembly order to purchase order, and transfer sales order by value to invoice).
  3. Fix unable to create new account book with copy data from other account book.
  4. Fix TFS 1333: Change Code Sales Agent – Did note update table IPHIST.
  5. Fix load incorrect data in stock assembly order designer.
  6. Fix dialog box will appear after clicked when there is no url assigned to news/tips.
  7. Fix Supplier consignemnt lookupedit multi select point wrong to consignment multi select.
  8. Fix show wrong subtotal in profit and loss document report when contain group discount.
  9. Fix unable to import supply purchase tax type from export file for purchase return, credit note and debit note document.
  10. Fix unable to save negative subtotal with group discount.
  11. Fix show incorrect amount and local amount in debtor balance and creditor balance report.
  12. Fix tfs 2289: Invoicing – Item Package add new line does not capture default Account No.
  13. Fix API module error message when import xml file using importXML program.
  14. Fix unknockoff invoice when repost credit note and purchase return document.
  15. Fix Dpi issues in some upgrade forms.

What’s enhanced in this update:

  1. Enhance Back Order Quantity and Minimum Maximum Price API for AOTG.
  2. Add copy account from delivery order when transfer to cash sales option.
  3. Add perform uom conversion at sales order option.
  4. Restructure Global Price Change.