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This version of AutoCount Accounting is a maintenance release for version 1.9.

Bugs Fixed and Minor Enhancement

Among the newer bugs fixed and minor enhancement introduced in AutoCount Accounting version 1.9 are:

  1. Fix Bug: Fix Transfer From Aseembly Order no support Order Qty.
  2. Fix Bug: Credit limit control for Post to GL in invoice (ACC-2988).
  3. Fix Bug: Fix show all bank account on deposit when apply filter by account module.
  4. Fix Bug: Fix value too large or too small for a decimal issue in stock card.
  5. Enhancement: Update Malaysia GST to zero tax rate.
  6. Enhancement: Enhance GL and ARAP document save speed performance when posting to ledger.
  7. Enhancement: Add refresh knock off detail function.
  8. Enhancement: Add Access Right Prompt Global Price Change Reminder.
  9. Enhancement: Add Global Price Change Reminder Maintenance.
  10. Enhancement: Allow import Global Price Change in Print BarCode.
  11. Enhancement: Global Price Change include Member Price, Currency Price and Location Price.
  12. Enhancement: Add supply purchase function for debit note, credit note and purchase return document.
  13. Enhancement: Add default supply & purchase zero rate tax code option.
  14. Enhancement: Add automatic convert ZRL tax code option.
  15. Enhancement: Enhance GST Summary to consider Tax Rate.
  16. Fix Bug: Add parent account code cannot be merge when perform change account code with merge account code options.
  17. Enhancement: Add Sales Tax Type and Purchase Tax Type filter in Global Price Change.
  18. Enhancement: Add auto upgrade zero rate tax code from server after month of May.
  19. Enhancement: Add auto upgrade account book to 1.9 when license key has used.