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This version of AutoCount Accounting is a maintenance release for version 1.8.

Bugs Fixed and Minor Enhancement

Among the newer bugs fixed and minor enhancement introduced in AutoCount Accounting version 1.8 are:
(From oldest to latest)

  1. Fix Bug: Fix the blank remaining amount in the Outstanding Sales Order Report.
  2. Fix Bug: Fix the issue where user is unable to change certain user defined data type size.
  3. Enhancement: Upgrade Malaysia GST Tax Code to be compliant with the Guide on Accounting Software dated 5th of February 2018
  4. Enhancement: Enhance the News functionality.
  5. Fix Bug: Fix an object reference issue when loading the Home screen.
  6. Fix Bug: Fix an issue in Stock Aging where the cost is incorrectly shown.
  7. Fix Bug: Fix the Back to Latest News/Tips button which has an image DPI issue.
  8. Fix Bug: Fix the error that occur when inquiring Completed Sales Order with Include Partial Complete in Print Outstanding Sales Order Listing. (ACC-2983)
  9. Fix Bug: Fix an Unknown SQL Exception (Number=8114, Message=Error converting data type nvarchar to numeric.) issue when selecting calculate all UOM in BOM Listing Report.
  10. Fix Bug: Fix an issue that causes the upgrade to DB version to fail due to failing to insert a needed AOTG record.