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In AutoCount Accounting, there is actually some security policy that you can set for all the users in your company. This security policy mainly refer to the password that is being used to login AutoCount Accounting. By default, our security policy is set to “Weak” for convenient but user are allowed to adjust this setting and impose it on their current users.


To do this, go to AutoCount Accounting Top Menu –> Tools –> Options –> Under General –> Security Policy. In this page there are a few setting that you can set which relate to your password.




Minimum Password Characters: The number of characters needed for the password

Login Window Expired Time: How long AutoCount Accounting Login screen will stay on screen if did not login.

Maximum Login Tries: Maximum number of tries for unsuccessful login. This will not lock AutoCount Accounting but you will need to start AutoCount Accounting again.

Password Strength: Requirement of different combination of characters for password. Details of the requirement can be found on the interface itself.


Other than adjusting the level of strength for password, you can also force the user to change password every now and then by setting password expiry. You can find this feature under Top Menu –> General Maintenance –> User Maintenance –> Select any of the user –> Edit –> Check Password Expiry after XX Days.