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Do you know that in AutoCount Accounting system, you are able to control the user in your system to certain level on documents that are printed? This might be useful for those company which have many employee especially when you had printed a hard copy of your document and you don’t want it to be amended again. Most probably you will not announce to the whole company that you had printed this particular document but you want them to not change any of the content of it. So with AutoCount Accounting providing such control / access right, user will not have to worry on such issue.


To access this access right feature, go to Top Menu –> General Maintenance –> User Maintenance –> Click on your left “Access Right” –> Expand AutoCount Accounting –> Look for the Entry (Journal, Payment Voucher, Invoice etc) that you wish to. You can then set your own access right to control over the particular document.


Printed Document Access Right 1


So after you had set, you might be curious how did AutoCount Accounting able to know which document you had printed and which are not? It’s actually pretty simple. AutoCount Accounting actually trigger a count value whenever you print your document. You can look into our entry listing and use column chooser to search for a column “Print Count”. Whenever you print your document, this count value will increase.


Printed Document Access Right 2



Currently most of the entry in AutoCount Accounting that you’re able to print have this access right / feature built into it. This also includes your Cash Book, Journal, Deposits, Sales, Purchases, Stocks and even Assembly entries.