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Ever though of how do you partially cancel your order in AutoCount? For example you had an Sales Order and part of it are delivered and the rest of the items your customer wish to cancel it. What can you do in the system in order to reflect your outstanding report accurately as if I do not do anything there will always be an outstanding amount in my report? Do I need to cancel the Sales Order and recreate? Do I need to edit the Sales Order and change the information? The answer is NO !


Partial Cancel Order 1


Partial Cancel Order 2


In AutoCount, we had an entry to cater these kind of situations so that you can check against your outstanding report accurately without giving you false information. This entry we called it “Cancel Sales Order” or “Cancel Purchase Order”. Both of these entry can only transfer from Sales Order or Purchase Order respectively and after you made the transfer, the system will be intelligence enough to generate your outstanding report with these partial cancel order taking into consideration. You can access this entry under Top Menu Sales –> Cancel Sales Order OR Top Menu Purchase –> Cancel Purchase Order.


Partial Cancel Order 3

Partial Cancel Order 4


By using this, you’re able to trace as well your cancellation activities. Is it always this customer of yours has such behavior? Is it always this particular item is being cancelled? You can use these data for some small detail analysis that you could never though of.