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Do you know that in AutoCount Accounting, there is a function that able improve your AutoCount Accounting system performance slightly. You can find this function at AutoCount Management Studio. Do note that this AutoCount Management Studio can be only login using ADMIN user as it able to access some back end functions which is not found at AutoCount Accounting normal interface.


Please login AutoCount Management Studio –> Tools –> Database Maintenance.



At this form you able to access 2 functions: Intelligent Rebuild Index and Shrink Database.


Intelligent Rebuild Index: This function is used to re-index your database. It usually able to improve your system performance when inquiry information or reports slightly.

Shrink Database: This function is used to minimize the size of your database slightly. 


Please note that if you wish to run both of these functions, make sure that nobody is login into AutoCount Accounting and perform any action on it.