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As most of AutoCount user knows, AutoCount reports support drill down which allows easy and convenient viewing of source documents. However there is a small trick if you’re an AutoCount user with Invoicing Package. For example Debtor Statement Report, once you inquiry you will able to see the transactions of this debtor.


Now usually we just double click to drill down and it will always link you to the Sales Invoice that you created under Sales. What if I would like to drill down to my AR Invoice instead? Yes it is possible and the trick is just holding your keyboard Ctrl Button and double click on the transactions. You will find that the system will prompt you the ARAP transaction instead of your Sales or Purchase transaction.


However for transactions that are created directly from ARAP, there is no need for such action as there is only ARAP transaction to drill down to. Another thing to aware user will need to have access right to drill down if wish to perform such actions. The access right can be found under General Maintenance –> User Maintenance –> Access Right Tab (on the left) –> Expand AutoCount Accounting –> Expand System –> Expand Behaviors –> ┬áCan Drill Down to Source Document / Direct Drill Down to Sales Documents