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This is a further update to the official release of version 1.8.21 (Full version is

What’s fixed in this update:

  1. Fix an issue in both Cash Book and Journal Entry Print Listing Report where all the columns could not be reloaded after clicking Inquiry.
  2. Fix an issue in which the UDF fields in Branch tab in Creditor and Debtor Maintenance, Cancel P/O, Cash Purchase, Goods Received Note, Goods Return, Purchase Invoice, Purchase Order, Purchase Return, Request Quotation, Supplier Consignment, Bonus Point Adjustment, Bonus Point Redemption, Cancel S/O, Cash Sale, POS Cash Sale, Consignment, Credit Note, Debit Note, Delivery Order, Delivery Return, Invoice, Quotation and Sales Order can be edited in View mode.
  3. Fix the Branch UDF Rich Text and Date Time field cannot be shown out in Creditor and Debtor Maintenance.
  4. Remove FiscalYear.RefreshPeriodLock() method because it is replaced with direct SQL code to check if a period was locked or not.
  5. Fix an one cent issue in ARAP Payment and Refund Knock Off Document Posting to GLDTL.
  6. Fix the local amount calculation for gain loss in the ARAP Knock Off.
  7. Fix the Inclusive Tax calculation for the Journal Entry Rounding Method Whole Document version 3.
  8. Fix Cash Book’s Tax Type must be selected option for post from source document.
  9. Fix an issue in the Gain Loss amount calculation when revalue-ing Gain Loss in AR Refund Knock Off.
  10. Fix the visibility of Bonus Point in Debtor Maintenance Edit window by allowing the availability of POS Module to also control its visibility
  11. Fix an issue where the incorrect figure being used in Stock Item Inquiry Balance Quantity.
  12. Fix an issue in the Cancel GST document when doing reset GST Processor.
  13. Fix an issue where Item Further Description cannot be displayed in the Price History report.
  14. Fix an issue where columns showing no data after clicking Search in Cash Book and Journal Entry Find Transaction Form.

What’s enhanced in this update:

  1. Support Import Item Package at Print Bar Code.
  2. Add the option to either Cancel GST Documents or Delete them when doing reset GST Processor.


  1. All plug-ins previously compiled after ver 1.8.8 are fully compatible.
  2. All application script and report script are compatible with ver 1.8.8 and after version.