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Do you know that in AutoCount you are given the flexibility to set different set of running number for your GST Processor Auto Generated Journal? For example when the system attempts to generate a journal for your GST Control, you can pre-set a format so that the system can follow this format. This guide will provide you the step by step instructions on how to achieve this.




1. Go to General Maintenance à Document Numbering Format Maintenance. Look for your GL Category à DocType Journal and click on the “New” button on top of the interface.



2. Specify your format name and format. The format <0000> indicates your running number and anything out of this “<>” bracket will be fixed value that will not change.



3. For those that want to use monthly running number, you will need to tick on the check box “Each month with different running set number” à Add year by click on the “+” button below the check box. The format for monthly running number will be slightly different with the {@yyyyMM} to specify your year and month (you can put @MMyyyy if you want the other way round).


*For AR Bad Debt and AP Bad Debt running number you will need to set the Document Type to PR or alternatively look for Category Purchase à DocType Purchase Return.


4. Continue these step until you had finished setup different set of running number for different scenarios that the GST Processor has.



5. Finally, go back to your GST Processor à Options à Settings à GST DocNo. You can now set different running number format for each scenario that the GST Processor has.



6. You can try key in some dummy data and test run the GST Processor, the document generated by the system will now follow your pre-set numbering format.




I personally recommend everyone to set different running number because by doing so, these documents can be differentiate easily and increase the efficiency of user to search.


You can download this guide here: Creating Document Running Number Format.