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This is a further update to official release of version 1.8.14 (Full version is

What’s fixed in this update:

  1. Fix unable posting journal from arap dn & cn when inclusive tax.
  2. Fix ExtraDiscountAmt will get negative value if the detail row without item code and sub total is zero.
  3. Fix knockoff label showing error.
  4. Fix load outstanding do partial transfer issue for GST on D/O.
  5. Fix bug: Export Stock Module did not consider Item Package in Purchase Document. (ACC-2830)
  6. Modify update currency rate for cbigdtl table.
  7. Fix bug in GetGLTrans where if there is any negative amount in detail row, and there is no more non-tax account row with positive amount to match, the system will enter into an endless loop.
  8. Modify unable to update package master unit price and taxable amount when import xml.
  9. Change DO Entry SubTotal(Ex) SummaryType from Average to Custom.

What’s new in this update:

  1. Add GST on Realized Gain/Loss.
  2. Add Recompress GL Transaction ID Trash Form to AutoCount Management Studio. This function can reduce your GL Transaction ID Trash table size.
  3. Appy new SerializeGLTransIDTrashSourceData with compress to ARAP and GL.
  4. Add TaxBRNo, TaxBName and TaxRefNo to Cash Book and Journal Entry dataview.
  5. Add rounding method audit log for arap, gl, sales and purchase document.
  6. Support execute only selected text in SQL Query.
  7. Add Maximize Size Button for FormBranchEdit.
  8. Add TaxBName, TaxBRNo and TaxRefNo to Cash Book from importXML.
  9. Add DBSetting to Debtor and Creditor event args.
  10. Add Revision to main form caption so that it is easily to identify the revision number of the program without having to go into About window to check.


  1. All plug-ins previously compiled after ver 1.8.8 are fully compatible.
  2. All application script and report script are compatible with ver 1.8.8 and after version.