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This version is compatible with Accounting version 1.8.15.

POS DB Version: 3.20


  1. Provide an option to not allow same item purchased to get the same Mix and Match Promotion. (POS-388)
  2. Provide an option to full deliver items by automatically once full payment made.. (POS-620)
  3. Provide an option to add quick payment and quick discount button. (POS-621)
  4. Provide an option to delete item package when one of its item is backorder.
  5. Provide an option to prompt sync status notification if few days no sync.
  6. To separate sales amount and tax amount at Daily Sales Report.
  7. Support auto hold bill to prevent power outages.
  8. Do not delete hold bill after recall bill until make payment.
  9. Add a button to change all service type.
  10. Add item description and description 2 at check stock level.
  11. Support to sync table UTDStockCost and UTDStockCostDtl.
  12. Allow to filter by Desc2 at Find Item screen.
  13. Allow to preview and print at Find Hold Bill screen.

Bugs Fixed

  1. Fix ‘count’ must be non negative bug when Close Counter.
  2. Fix Tax showing incorrect amount when tick Show Rounding Adjustment at Multi-Dimensional POS Analysis
  3. Textbox control does not refresh after read from myKad reader.
  4. Modify credit sale post to sales account instead of cash sale account.
  5. Fix member information does not bind in Xtrareport.